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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We are preparing for the Crown Council's 20th Humanitarian Expedition to the Dominican Republic.  Our group leaves on March 1st, 2013 for Santo Dominigo.  I'm Greg Anderson and I'll be your blogger for this trip.    We invite you to follow along with us.  

We welcome these travelers...

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 7--El Consuelo

Today was our last day of clinic at El Consuelo. El Consuelo is where Sammy Sosa was born and raised. The batey is owned by a doctor that is trying to make a better life for these people. Doreen, who has been a nurse in the clinic for 13 years there, spoke to us about their vision for this batey and it is that they leave with dignity. That is what we focused on today. We also had a thought from Dr. Ed White. Dr. White reminded us that God has a plan for us and that we were meant to be there and to be one with Christ. He also reminded us that by working together, we can create great things.

We worked on the top floor of the community center. The view was incredible! We were pretty cramped in a small space and everyone was tired, but we worked until our last patient was finished.

On our bus ride to the resort, Dr. Hammond wanted us to make sure that we reflect on our experiences here and learn from what we have done and seen. I think I can speak for all of us when I say our lives have been touched and our horizons broadened. We have changed some smiles, but these people have changed us forever.

We are now at our resort hotel and are relaxing and soaking in all we have experienced!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 6 - 4th Clinic Day - El Seibo

We awoke today to the news of the election. We found team Canada sporting their flag bandanas and I think some of our team may be changing their flights to fly directly to Canada instead of back home :)
Today we were working in El Seibo in a community called Higher a. The clinic served 8 communities and were able to serve 113 people. We worked at a church in the community so we were all in the same room for the first time this trip. It was fun to have everyone all working together.
Lanea gave us a beautiful message this morning about doing the small and simple things in life. She read a message that Krissy shared with her talking about how we never know the impact we make through small and simple things, but those are the things that can make the bigger impact.
We also had some of the Esperanza associates there with the purses they sell. They learned how to crochet plastic grocery bags and make really cute purses. Several of us bought one!

We had an amazing lunch (as always) with rice, beans, chicken, beef, lasagna, vegetables, etc. The meals Roberto makes for us each day are filling and delicious and we appreciate it so much.
At lunch, we asked the kids to sing a song for us in Spanish. Abby and Afton also taught the kids in the community 'Gangnam Style.' It's so fun to see our kids interact with the kids here. They are so sweet and kind to them.

The day was great and I am more and more amazed each day at the care and concern this team shows to not only the patients, but to each other.

Tonight we had our awards night at the restaurant in the hotel when we honor the students as well as our team. It is also Isairis's 21st Bday. She is one of our Dominican students and so we will help her celebrate. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow is our last clinic...until then!

                                                            TEAM CANADA

                                               GLENDA with her beautiful family

                           The sterilization goddesses!  They keep our instruments ready to use

                                                    Sue is the hardest worker on the Team!

                 Marisa shows the purses that were made by the Esperanza Associate on the left

LANAE giving us an early morning lesson about the importance of small and simple things

                                                             THE GATEKEEPERS

                                                    Dr. Ed White changing one life today

                      The Team from "E TOWN DENTAL" who are HAPPY TO DO IT!

              Dr. Dale Schisler with Bonnie working and Erin providing comfort (and support)

                          Nicole giving away her RUBBER BALL and some happiness.


                                 Aly and Dr. Patricia look great after a hard day at the Clinic.

                                             Abby finds a tiny Gekko to scare Erin with.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today were we're in another Haitian batay called El Tocone. It is located near the same batay we were at yesterday. Genesis is the name of the loan officer that worked with us and she actually worked with us yesterday as well. She has been a great support for us! 

We got all set up with the help of our amazing Esperanza crew and drivers and then had our daily huddle. We met an Esperanza associate and heard about the work she has been able to do because of the micro loan she has been able to take out with them. These people are always o grateful to Esperanza and how they have changed their life. The men here work in sugar cane fields suing the harvest season, which is from November-May. The rest of the year they don't have work, and so these women are able to work with Esperanza's help. 

Dr. Dale Schisler shared some words about service. He said that when we give of ourselves we are actually the beneficiaries of the service....we always get back more than we give. We tried to remember that today as we served the people of El Tocone. It was a very hot, humid day and we were all tired but it was also a great day...full of gratitude for these people and the things they are teaching us.

We will be staying up tonight and hopefully find out the results of the election. Dr. Dale Schisler has promised us asylum in Canada if are not pleased with the results! 

Dr. Myers has a new friend...just not quite sure yet....

 Our Drivers---relaxing a bit during the day.  They work incredibly hard with the set up and breakdown of our clinic everyday!

This is Catie Freedman distributing New Born Baby Care Kits today.

One of the children of the Dominican in the Hatian Batay where we served to today.  They are a joy!

Amy Zito learning and loving dental assisting with Dr. Ricardo.

Marisa (part of Esperanza's team) playing and giving love to this little guy.

Glenda and Roy Hammond...working their magic on a very lucky young lady.

Erin Zito with Princess "Tocone"...a smile of happiness

Lanae and Greg Mann express love and kindness in creating smiles of those they serve today.

Dale and Tadd Behner and this patient...ALL SMILES.

The Batay in El Tocone!   Posing for a photo!

This is why we do what we do!

Dr. Myers and Tara pose and say they look marvelous after a hard day working in the heat in the clinic today.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 4 - 2nd Clinic Day

Today was our 2nd clinic just outside of La Romana in a Haitian batey called Guajabo. The kids were all waiting for us as we stepped off the bus. 

We were reminded in our team huddle by Amy Gerstner of the story of The Fish by the Pike Place Fish Market. One of the things that makes them so successful is that they take time to have fun. So we were reminded to take some time to play with the kids. 

So we had fun jumping rope, playing ball and helping teach the kids to brush their teeth. 
We also took the opportunity to listen to an Esperanza Associate tell us about her business!

We had a great time and so did the kids! Andrew from Esperanza dressed in up in a tooth costume to help the kids learn about dental hygiene.

We now have 5 Dominican dental students that are with us. They were chosen to come because they are the best students at the school. It s so nice to have more help and they fit right in with the group. We presented them with backpacks in our morning huddle. 

We are having a great time and seeing personalities come out more and more. We have an amazing team of hard workers. We miss our family and friends at home, but are so appreciative of the time we have to serve these people. Our thoughts are with family and friends in the states with the election tomorrow, though I think Ispeak for most of us when I say how nice it has been to not have to hear about politics in the last few days. We hope everyone gets out and votes and will be anxiously awaiting the results tomorrow night. We will have commentary from that later on in the week. Buenas noches!

Enjoy these pictures of some of our group...and of course a few of the children of the Dominican.