Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 6 - 4th Clinic Day - El Seibo

We awoke today to the news of the election. We found team Canada sporting their flag bandanas and I think some of our team may be changing their flights to fly directly to Canada instead of back home :)
Today we were working in El Seibo in a community called Higher a. The clinic served 8 communities and were able to serve 113 people. We worked at a church in the community so we were all in the same room for the first time this trip. It was fun to have everyone all working together.
Lanea gave us a beautiful message this morning about doing the small and simple things in life. She read a message that Krissy shared with her talking about how we never know the impact we make through small and simple things, but those are the things that can make the bigger impact.
We also had some of the Esperanza associates there with the purses they sell. They learned how to crochet plastic grocery bags and make really cute purses. Several of us bought one!

We had an amazing lunch (as always) with rice, beans, chicken, beef, lasagna, vegetables, etc. The meals Roberto makes for us each day are filling and delicious and we appreciate it so much.
At lunch, we asked the kids to sing a song for us in Spanish. Abby and Afton also taught the kids in the community 'Gangnam Style.' It's so fun to see our kids interact with the kids here. They are so sweet and kind to them.

The day was great and I am more and more amazed each day at the care and concern this team shows to not only the patients, but to each other.

Tonight we had our awards night at the restaurant in the hotel when we honor the students as well as our team. It is also Isairis's 21st Bday. She is one of our Dominican students and so we will help her celebrate. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow is our last clinic...until then!

                                                            TEAM CANADA

                                               GLENDA with her beautiful family

                           The sterilization goddesses!  They keep our instruments ready to use

                                                    Sue is the hardest worker on the Team!

                 Marisa shows the purses that were made by the Esperanza Associate on the left

LANAE giving us an early morning lesson about the importance of small and simple things

                                                             THE GATEKEEPERS

                                                    Dr. Ed White changing one life today

                      The Team from "E TOWN DENTAL" who are HAPPY TO DO IT!

              Dr. Dale Schisler with Bonnie working and Erin providing comfort (and support)

                          Nicole giving away her RUBBER BALL and some happiness.


                                 Aly and Dr. Patricia look great after a hard day at the Clinic.

                                             Abby finds a tiny Gekko to scare Erin with.


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