Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 6-14, 2009 Humanitarian Trip

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go...

The Expedition Crew for November 6-14, 2009
Roy Hammond
Amy Gertsner
Cannon Gertsner
Sophie Gertsner (9 years old)
Abby Gertsner (5 years old)
Annie Sonntag
Juston Puchar
Stuart Anderson
Kristin Anderson
Dr. Greg Mann
Kaeli Mann (14 years old)
Dr. Brian Harris
Maury Harris
Dr. Joe Miranda
Audrey Miranda (15 years old )
Sabrina Miranda (13 years old)
Dr. Ralph Pamenter
Maribeth Brown
Christine Schreier
Lynn Behner
Dr. Bill Myers
Robyn Stump
Angela Keiper
Denise Hurst
Jenn Christenson

Our expedition is conducted in partnership with Esperanza International Foundation. Esperanza was established by a member of the Professional Baseball Players Association, and is highly respected by the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Health and other top government officials in the DR. They provide a wealth of services in small communities throughout the country. They have a great desire to provide dental services to their communities as they continue to move forward in improving their own resources and conditions and take responsibility upon themselves to care for their families in a positive way.

Our focus of dental care will be primarily with school age children and their families in the communities served by Esperanza International. We will also be able to witness first hand the amazing progress that Esperanza is making in the areas of Economic and Holistic Development, mainly through the establishment of micro business enterprises, and most especially through the use of the Grameen Banking System (winner of the Nobel Peace Prize this year) which offers loans to the poorest of the poor. It is a great opportunity to see this activity first hand.

We will perform all aspects of restorative dentistry, as well as the removal of teeth in hopeless condition. Our goal will be to restore and rehabilitate the damages of long term absence of care, as well as improve future preventive care. This care will be provided with our portable equipment in small school facilities and other small public buildings.

Our lodging will be in hotels, from which we will travel out to predetermined locations each day. We will have our meals and travel as a group, thereby providing safety, cleanliness and comfort. Our host, Esperanza International, will take care of our every need.

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