Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thursday November 12, 2009

Thursday brought our last day of work out in the villages of the Dominican.

Here is where Dr. Roy would start each day. In the front of the bus giving directions and trying to prepare us for the work.

We worked in a large church that had enough room for everyone to work in the same room. The temperatures soared on Thursday, but everyone gave their best effort.

Dr. Joe Miranda gave the "thought for the day" before we started working. As many of you know Dr. Joe has been diagnosed with blood cancer, but after spending time with him one would never think that it ever bothers him physically or mentally. He encouraged us to "Seize The Day". Joe is a shinning example of someone who seizes each day - he could have made excuses all week about his illness, but he worked hard each day and set an example for everyone to follow. Joe also brought his two daughters on the trip with him - Audrey and Sabrina. They worked by his side each day, and no matter how sweaty he got they never left his side.

After Dr. Miranda's "thought of the day" we had a small tribute to Francis Hammond. The Hammond family lost Francis earlier this year to illness, but they have decided to keep moving forward with the humanitarian trips in her honor. Roy and Francis Hammond received the "Mentors Mentor Award" at the 14th Annual Event, and their legacy of humanitarian work has always been the cornerstone of their relationship. Roy moves forward carrying on her legacy as if she was working side-by-side with him.

The outside of the church we worked in. One of the nicer locations we worked in all week.

Each day Esperanza would provide lunch for us. Often it was rice, beans, chicken, chips, sandwiches, cookies and drinks. We ate very well on the trip. Here is a picture of our lunch location on Thursday.

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