Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday March 6th, 2010 The Community of Guaricanos

The community of Guaricanos allowed us use of a school that is also used as a Catholic Church on Sunday. We had a huge cement yard where we were able to play with 5 of our Red Rubber Balls. Poverty surrounded us. We started the day with our traditional team cheer. The children were treated to a special "Smiles for Life" logo as they finished their treatment along with a handmade bracelet. There was even a rather intense basketball game at noon.

Dr. Joe Albert even got into the act today. (Note the cast on his right arm....just five days old from a tennis accident). We decided he was terrific with his left hand too!

Each day at Clinic, our Dominican friend Manuel(from Esperenza) dawns his giant TOOTH costume. A helper joins with a giant toothbrush to teach the children how to brush twice each day for two minutes. In this case. Manuel is mobbed by his adoring fans!

Two hard working doctors ... Dr. Dale Schisler and Dr. Steve Titensor

And what about this beautiful work --- one before and the second AFTER. Brynn Miner (Reno Nevada) joins our Dominican friend in the AFTER photo.

And as the day ends, Abby Gertsner collects the name tags right before we load the bus!

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