Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 3

Today was such a pleasant day. We woke up with some free time to do whatever we wanted. A group of us went to LDS church services, another group went to Catholic services, and the rest went sightseeing. Then we headed up North to Samana. On the way to Samana we stopped at a wonderful restaurant in Boca Chica on the pier called Boca Marina. The scenery combined with the food made it unforgettable. Then we took a three hour bus ride up to Samana through the jungle and green hills. It is absolutely beautiful up North. The air feels fresher, the humidity is less extreme, and the new scenery is breathtaking. We unfortunately had a team member hurt her back severly yesterday and she ended up having to leave today to come back to the states. Her name is Susan Capozzi and we will all miss her dearly. Even in the short time we were able to spend with her she added so much to our group. We are all really excited to work tomorrow and can´t wait for the new adventures we will experience. Here are a few pictures of the day.

The LDS temple

I had to post this because everyone got such a kick out of it. This was the mens urinal at the nice restaurant Boca Marina. The guys said they didn´t know exactly how to go about this at first. No I did not take this picture. It was supplied by one of the gentleman who wanted to show his family.

This is Boca Marina. It was so beautiful and felt so fancy.
* A quick side note to the day. I am telling you this because I am the one who is posting on this blog for the trip. :) My boyfriend, (Juston Puchar) who I(Annie Sonntag) have been dating for over a year proposed to me at the restaurant today in front of our whole team. Roy and Johnathon helped him plan a big production and it was completely embarrassing but perfect! He was pulled over to the peer on a water weenie, (while I thought he was sick in the bus) and Roy gave him a bright pink outfit that he wore over to me and proposed. Dr Patricia had the wedding march playing in the background and they all pulled it off without me having a clue. It made for an extra special day for me and I am so glad I could spend it with my dear friends from Crown Council and Esperanza. This is our second trip and the Dominican Republic will always be extra special for us. (cheesy moment now over)


  1. Go team, GO! I greatly admire what you are all doing. I hope to have an opportunity to go with you on a trip someday. -- Jack

  2. Wow! It looks so beautiful...and the work you're doing is so important! Congrats Annie on ypur engagement. How romantic! We moms from Burlington are hoping for more pics of our kids today...lots of fundraising grandma's, aunts, uncles and friends all checking every day to see them doing such wonderful work. Wish we were there too...Jeanne (mom of one of the Burlington High School kids)

  3. What a wonderful experience for everyone! To the Mohan family, you look like you are having a great time, what memories you will have for a lifetime! Way to go learning young the value of serving others, nothing is greater. The faces of those waiting in line to get dental care speak volumes to how important what you are doing is.
    The daily updates are great!