Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 7 & 8

Yesterday was our last day out at the clinic. It was a fabulous day and we ended it with a bang. During this week we have seen over 530 patients. It has been such a successful trip and so many lives were enhanced by the amazing group we had working so hard. The last day can be really hard because everyone is exhausted but our group really pushed hard all the way to the end. We had time to play with the kids as well throughout the whole week. There was plenty of relationships built and long lasting friendships that will last forever.

After we finished and cleaned up we headed to the resort that we are at until tomorrow morning. It is incredibly beautiful. It sits on top of a big hill with an elevator that takes you down to the beach. It is so relaxing which is exactly what everyone needs while they relax and decompress. After a trip like this everyone needed time to sleep and just reflect on what they experienced and what to take with them to remember.

I am proud of our group and love them all to pieces. It was a great group full of so much love. I uploaded a few pictures that I could and will upload plenty more tomorrow.

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