Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday in the Dominican

This is our 14th Smiles for Life Humanitarian Trip to the Dominican Republic. All of them have been organized pretty much the same way with 5 clinic days...except for this trip.

Last fall we were introduced to Yocimara. She is the leader of her Bank of Esperanza in Samana and a natural leader in her community. She lives on the top of a “mountain” in Samana.

She and her husband live with others members of their family on the same property in three separate dwellings.

Last year Yocimara and her husband....from the profits they make in their separate businesses financed through their Bank of Esperanza (selling turkeys, vegetables and other commodities) had enough money saved that they wanted to build a cinder block home to replace their wood home. They sold the wood from their home which was removed piece by piece and with the help of Esperanza built a new cinder block home.

Our entire group today spent the say painting all three of the homes on the property including their new cinderblock home and constructed a new “long drop” (outhouse).

It was a day of gratitude, love, great beauty and joy.

You will not find a better group of people anywhere.

We have been blessed to be able to serve here.

Here are some photos from today we hope you will enjoy....

Yocimara's Mother's home

And Sister's home
This is the outhouse (long drop) we were replacing today.

Yocimara's new home as viewed from the top.

View from Samana Hill from Yocimar's front yard.

Yocimara's new home as seen from below.

The new Long Drop....

All of us in front of Yocimara's new home...newly painted!

Yocimara and her husband Juan in front of their newly painted home.

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