Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 6 Wednesday November 9, 2011

The weather here is PERFECT! Just hot enough to make the sweat as soon as you step off the bus. We worked in a small village about an hour from the hotel. The village had been worked by our humanitarian team in March of 2011 - so when the village caught wind that we would be coming back today they invited all of their friends to be there when we showed up.

Abby Gertsner is an amazing young girl. She never complains, and does everything she can to make the kids at the clinic have a fun day. She is 7 years old and is always playing ball, painting nails and coloring with the Dominican kids.
Bubble blowing around the clinic helps keep the mood light and the young kids distracted from the strange dental instruments that go into their mouths.
Mother and daughter.
Our clinic was outside today -- which caused some confusion with the crowd that showed up, but it also allowed us to enjoy the breeze and fresh air.
Father and Son (Paul and Allen Thomas)

Each morning we are blessed to hear from an Esperanza Associate who is running a business using a micro-loan. The micro-loans are managed by Esperanza International who also works to care for the health of their associates through our dental clinics.
Willes family and the local pastor and his wife.
Paty Thomas speaks fluent Spanish. We were each challenged to spend five minutes today having "fun" -- so Paty spent her fun to teaching the Dominican kids "Itsy Bitsy Spider" in Spanish.
Paul Thomas spent a little time at lunch cleaning up spiders in the clinic.

Although this women didn't have any teeth it was still nice to have her hanging around us all day.
The heart and energy of the clinic -- The Generator.

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