Friday, February 17, 2012


OUR LARGEST group ever leaves for the Dominican Republic on March 1st, 2012.
Traveling in our group of 48 are:

Dr. Roy Hammond

Glenda Hammond

Allison Hammond

Austin Hammond

Zach Hammond

Dr. Chris Hammond

Keilani Needham

Michael Needham

Britton Green

Cherisa Golightly

Greg Anderson

Graham Anderson

Lauren Anderson

Erin Zito

Dr. Chad Ellis

Lynette Ellis

Paula Swenson

Kelly Jo Baird

Melanie Ellison

Hollie Van Orden

Kristen Wildeboer

Demri Johnson

Neena Earl

Lauren Tipton

Ashley Elggren

Jessica Flake

Dr. Lon McRae

Hollie Mcrae

Casey Terry

Deborah Young

Barbara Belveal

Dave Nielson

Candace Savoy

Kristi Kimpball

Cortney Williams

Katherine Pearce

Justin McRae

Nickolas McRae

Dr. Michelle Yamada

Steve Cooke

Laura Lee Davis

Tiffany Fenderson

Geoff Shimotsu

Meghan Watson

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Steve Jorgensen

Jens Morgensen

Josh Jorgensen

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