Friday, August 31, 2012


Everyone has made it safe and sound to Santo Domingo. We've visited the nearby sites and had a fabulous dinner as a new team. Dr. Roy spoke to us about being a servant to the people and encouraged us all to embrace each other and reminded us all we will take as much away from this experience as the people we are serving. 

Dr. Patricia gave us a warm welcome with Marissa and Andrew from our host Esperanza. She told us a story about a leader who inspired his people. When they went to war the people knew they were winning if his hands were raised. When his hands started to fall the people lifted them up and they won!  This was a reminder to us to be a team and we only win when we all win and this can only happen by cooperative spirit and looking to our left and to our right and serving the person beside us. 

We look forward to our first day of service tomorrow!

DR. ROY AND GLENDA HAMMOND at the Hotel Europa
Getting ready for the arrival of 39 Humanitarians!
Greeted by our Esperanza Team - Dr. Patricia, Marissa and Andrew - No finer people anywhere

And now...some of our first travelers.....

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