Friday, March 20, 2009


Presenting the next group of Crown Council Humanitarian workers!
They arrived in the Dominican Republic Friday (March 20) and have had a wonderful day of traveling, amidst efforts to sleep and prepare for the long work days ahead. They all arrived safely and excited to get to work first thing tomorrow morning. Each team brings with them unique characteristics that will make this trip exceptional. They had a wonderful dinner tonight at the hotel and the opportunity to meet the Esperanza team!

Sage & Dr. Rick Hagstrom

Elliot & Dr. Dan Humiston

Dr. David Hendrickson, Lori Hendrickson, Taylor Hendrickson, and Jessica Hendrickson Enjoying the complimentary watermelon juice upon arrival at Hotel Europa.

Dr. Dale Schisler, Teresa Williams and Colleen MacDonald

Dr. Roy & Francis Hammond

Dr. Peter Young, Anny Young, Cassandra Young, and Clifford Young

Dr. Ken Hawthorn, Julie Hawthorn, Rachelle Hawthorn, Natalia Hawthorn, Valarie Natti and Daniel Breton

Tyler & Dru Powers

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