Saturday, March 21, 2009


The first day at work in Santo Domingo. Our group set up their clinic in a little church. The day was filled with cleanings, extractions, fillings and even a couple of root canals.

Loading up the bus first thing in the morning.

A lot of preparation goes into setting up the clinics and everyone's help is crucial.

Dr. Young practice his mad skills on Daniel Breton (dental hygientist from Bracebridge, ON Canada).

and the work begins...Dr. Hendrickson and his wife Lori

Dr. Dale Schisler

Dr. Peter Young

Daniel Breton

Jessica Hendrickson - taking a moment to play with the children

Dr. Rick & Sage Hagstrom

Dr. Dale Humiston and Elliot Humiston preparing for their next patient.

Colleen MacDonald and Rafael (a recipient of Esperanza'a services) busy cleaning teeth.

Julie and Natalia Hawthorn in the sterilization corner

It was a extraordinary first day, and as the team drove home to the hotel after a hard day's work they spoke of the "service high" they all felt.

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