Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 2

The Crown Council humanitarian team started working today. They worked in the community of Altos D'Chavon. They did all of the work in a local high-school classroom. In the classroom they set up eight hygiene stations and six doctor stations. When the day was through over 150 people had come through the classroom and our group completed work on hundreds and hundreds of teeth.

Outside of the High School

Dr. Roy Hammond using the new portable x-ray equipment

Dr. Jeff Gray and Heath Blackwood finishing up two root canals.

Dr. Patricia Diaz (from the Dominican Republic) with Amanda Blackwood

Happy Dominican Republic kids

Dr. Clint Blackwood and David Kim

Dr. Jim Moore and Mary Lou Walsh

Dr. Michelle Yamada and her team (Tiffany Fenderson, Amber Herschleb, Sally Farrell)

Dr. Roy Hammond finishing three mini-implants...nothing is impossible

After the mini-implants are finished!!!

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