Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 3

Today the Crown Council humanitarian team made there way to the Howard Johnson in San Pedeo de Marcos. This is where they will be staying while they work for the next 5 days. No dentistry was done today, but everyone is excited for the week to begin and to start serving the great people of the Dominican Republic.

These native Dominican Republic women are working side-by-side with the Crown Council teams. Three of these ladies (Carol Alfonseca, Johanna Rosery Benzo Cruz, and Luisiana Fiorentino Brugal) are dental students who are have come down for the week to learn and be mentored by the Crown Council dentists and Dr. Patricia Diaz. Dr. Diaz is also in the picture.

This is the whole group in a meeting learning about Esperanza International. Esperanza International is our host while we are in the Dominican. They make all the arrangements for our group before they arrive so the trips are as successful and productive as possible.

These three Dominican Republic women (Suet Antonietta Frank, Solemni Franzua, Geidi Delarosa) will be trained by the Crown Council humanitarian group to be dental hygiene therapists. They will work in their communities providing dental care long after we leave.

Some of the Crown Council group looking good in their church attire.

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