Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The Faces of the Dominican Republic

On Monday our Humanitarian group treated 133 people! They had 11 dentist and 6 hygienist. Thanks to our friends from Esperanza the humanitarian group doubled in size.

Dru Powers, from the Crown Council team, is with the group and wanted to depict the beautiful faces they see all day long that make their experience what it is...so here are her pictures.

Here are some kids that visited the clinic (many of the kids they see are extremely nervous and have never been to a dentist before, but our group works with the children and makes them as comfortable as possible.)

Dr. Peter Young

Dru said that this young man was the most nervous patient of the day. He stood by the door and talked to everyone in sight until it was his turn. His front tooth was fixed.

Here is Dru with some of her favorite local kids.

Dr. Rick and Sage Hagstrom hard at work.

Dr. Hendrickson and the Dream Team!..Lori and Taylor Hendrickson

The whole team!

Our group with some of our friends from Esperanza

Here is a group of people waiting to see our great team.

This is the sight of every window, people looking into the clinic.

Dr. Roy and Francis Hammond...the heart and soul of the group.

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