Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 3

Sunday has been a relaxing day of sightseeing and traveling. Our humanitarian group moved today to their new home for the next four days - The Howard Johnson in San Pedro. In the morning they had some free time to walk around the city, attend church, run on the track in town, and shop...

Flowers around the Dominican...

Rachelle, Natalia, Valarie and Daniel enjoying the water at the restaurant the group ate lunch at today on their way to the Howard Johnson Hotel.
Colleen and Teresa excited to eat lunch.

Dr. Schisler, Felipe (from Esperanza) Dan Brenton, and Dr. Hawthorn standing under a hanging seashell light.

Here is a closer look at San Pedro and the Howard Johnson Hotel

The front of the Howard Johnson Hotel.

The lobby of the hotel upon check in. They don't exactly travel light with all of their personal bags and equipment for the clinics.

About half of the traffic in this area is scooters and motorcycles.

Here is a view from the hotel rooms. The grounds of the hotel are fairly large with a swimming pool and beyond the hotel property is the boardwalk and ocean.

The rooms...very Caribbean themed.

Some hotel artwork

Baseball is everything to these people. Here is a bus for the Academy of Baseball.

Sunday is a day and night of social gathering.

Everyone lines the streets and hangs out with family and friends while listening to music, eating and playing games.

Some homes in the area.

On Sunday night our group is meeting with the Esperanza team before dinner. They are excited to have more doctors and hygienist working with them this coming week and they can't wait to get back out to the clinics first thing Monday morning.

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