Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 6

The Team from Esperanza

We have a wonderful team from Esperanza that have joined our group for the week including 6 dental hygienists, 6 doctors, and 6 others to help in translating, directing traffic, etc. We are SO blessed to have them with us. Because of them our humanitarian group has been able to help almost twice as many patients as they would have had they been by themselves.

A group of our hygienist with Dr. Schisler, preparing for the day.

Mariela treating a patient

Dr. Roy and Frances Hammond instructing some of our Esperanza Team.

Dr. Michael with his fabulous assistant Clifford Young

Dr. Yanet, Dru Powers, and Daritza

Fanny, working on a mother and her twin boys that were a bit timid and wouldn't open their mouths for cleanings. The Esperanza Team can connect and help these people unlike anyone else.

Heydy, cleaning a little girls teeth who was also scared.

Solenny, practicing cleaning teeth. They are also learning how to count the teeth with this model during down times.

The women in black helps organize all the people that come from treatment. She is the "crowd control" person and a TOTAL lifesaver!!

Dr Schisler, Daniel and Dr. Jonathan (his father is a dentist and his mother is the Dean of the Dental school here is town. An amazing family!)

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