Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4-12, 2009 - Dental Humanitarian Expedition to the Dominican Republic

We’re off to the Dominican Republic for a week of adventure doing dentistry in some of the most remote parts of the country. Make sure to log on each day as we share the people and events that will make this week so remarkable.

Crown Council dentists and team members on this week’s expedition include: Dr. Roy Hammond, Angel Webb, Amy Gerstner, Michelle Reeves, Annette Navarette, Catlin Stroud, Neil and Josee Wainwright, Trish White, Lance White, Sherri Ison, Katie Ison, Jan Kitzrow, Lindsay Schneider, Mackenzie Schneider, Dr. Ken Hovden, Taira Hovden, Dr. Dennis Wells, Tina Free, Tim Szymanski, Tumadir Muhammad, Dr. Charles Schneider, Dr. David Dykes, Crystal Duggar, Dr. Tom Pikar, Steve Anderson and Abby Anderson. In addition, we will be joined by Dominican dentists, team members and dental students who we will introduce to you throughout the week.

This will be the first expedition since the passing of Frances Hammond. We will miss her a great deal and admire and are so grateful to Dr. Roy Hammond for carrying on as he leads the group again this week as he and Frances have so capably done for the last three years of this project.

We look forward to sharing with you many of the great events this week. Stay tuned and log on often!

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