Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday November 9th, 2009

The rainy morning brought tons of mud, but it also created a nice cool working environment for our team in the morning. We traveled an hour in our 50 person bus to Batay (town) #412 where we found a whole town ready and waiting for our team to care for their long overdue dental needs. At the outset of the day we all noticed one big difference in these people's teeth versus the people we saw on Saturday: way more rotten teeth. The villages of the Dominican Republic make most of their money through working the sugar cane fields, and that same sugar destroys everyone's teeth.

The Bank of Hope has been giving out micro loans to a group of women in Batay #412 for the past six months. These women use small loans from the Bank of Hope to start businesses in the village. Some women sell clothes and some sell food to the sugar cane workers. We got to hear from one of the women who owns a clothing business before we started our work. She buys used clothes with the loans she gets from the Bank of Hope and then sells them to the people in her Batay. The business creates income for her and her six children.

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