Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday November 12, 2009

The Batay that we visited today was much closer to San Perdo - we didn't even have to leave paved roads to get there. About 10 years ago the Dominican Republic government was using the Batay we worked in today to produce sugar cane, but the price of sugar drastically decreased and the government shut down the sugar company that provided jobs for many of the people in this village. So, one would think that these people would be very poor, but it turned out that they had found other ways to make money rather then sugar cane. We worked on a guy who owned a motorcycle shop, and a women who slaughtered pigs for the village. We met a secretary who did odd jobs, and also many teachers who taught at the school we had set our work stations up in. Throughout the day we worked on about 80 patents .

Robyn Stump - she has been Dr. Bill Myers right hand women through all of the extractions.

Abby Gertsner (Roy Hammond's granddaughter) love mingling with all of the kids. She paints fingernails, plays games, and hands out toothbrushes. Did I mention that she is 5 years old!

Even the Dominican's are jumping on the Yankee bandwagon.

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