Friday, September 3, 2010



It's Friday night in the Dominican Republic. We have all just come back to the hotel from a wonderful meal of Beans, Rice, and Meat which is something we will probably be having most every day. We are all heading to bed to catch up on some much needed rest so we can start strong on our first day in the Dental Clinic. At dinner tonight we were able to meet everyone who will be with us the next 8 days sharing this wonderful experience. We were joined by Carlos, Dr. Patricia, and the rest of the Esperanza team. They welcomed us with loving arms as they always do and shared some good insight in what was to come this week. Tomorrow we have our first clinic at a school in Northern Santo Domingo. Everyone is excited and ready to go. Here are some pictures of today and everyone that is part of the team.

Hotel Europa is our hotel for the next two nights. When we arrived the hotel staff had yummy fruit punch drinks for everyone. A great welcome from them. Our whole team arrived in two different groups. The first one made it to the hotel at 2:00PM and the second group arrived at 5:00PM

Dr. Steffany Mohan, Mike Mohan, Luke, Camryn, and Halle.

Dr. Colin Yoshida

Pete and Courtney Shumway

Patrick and Sarah Cardon

Clint and Rachel Blackwood; David and Laura Kim

Roy and Glenda Hammond

Pam Peterson and Brooke Mott. The airport lost Pam's luggage so while exploring the city today we had to stock her up with clothes and supplies for the next day or so. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it gets to us tomorrow.


Until tomorrow......

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