Thursday, September 2, 2010


The time has come for our 12th trip to the Dominican Republic. The Crown Council Group leaves Friday, September 3rd, 2010 to begin a week of working with our friends from Esperanza and the people of the Dominican Republic. It will follow the same itinerary as our last trip in March on the North side of the island. After two days in Santo Domingo, we will travel north to the city of Samana where we will work for the remainder of the week.

We have 37 people in our group with a variety of Dentists, hygienists, assistants, and translators. Our trip is hosted by Dr. Roy Hammond and his wife Glenda Hammond. This is Glenda's first trip with Roy and I am sure it will be an amazing experience for her. We also welcome Glenda's children, Sarah and Pete Shumway, and Roy's guests, Patrick and Sarah Johnson.

We also want to welcome Annie Sonntag from the Crown Council with her boyfriend Juston Puchar; Pam Peterson from our TOPS group; Dr. Jose Gurevich and his assistant Amada Langoria; Dr. Steffany Mohan and her husband Mike, three children, Luke, Camaryn, and Halle as well as her assistant, Brooke Mott; Dr. Colin Yoshida and Dr. Wes Yemoto are also coming; Dr. Clint Blackwood and his wife Rachel, who was a long time Crown Council employee, and their assistant, David and his wife Laura Kim;

We would also like to welcome back for the third trip Dr. Charlie Schneider and his team. They consist of his two daughters, Lindsay and McKenzie Schneider, and team members Rebecca and Tim Meindl, Dawn Quinn, and Susan Capozzi

There is also a special group that will be joining us from Dr. Charlie's hometown. They are a group of Spanish Students taught by Robbie Twohig. They go to Burlington High School in Wisconsin and are coming to translate and help wherever needed. We are so excited to have this experience with them and have the opportunity to benefit from their language skills.

As you can see we have a great group and with their help we will be able to change the lives of many. Make sure to follow this blog for the daily update on what we are doing and photographs of our journey. Here we go.............


  1. Hope it's a great trip-- someday I hope I'll be going too :)

    ~Angela (Dr Blackwood's Office)

  2. Brilliant Work - so proud to call Dr. Charlie and team family. Hope to make the trip with you one day Charlie...let's talk fundraising when you get back! Be safe, send me a sign that you are all good.