Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Friday, March 4th, 2011 the 14th Smiles for Life Humanitarian Group leaves for 10 days in the Dominican Republic.

We will spend Saturday, March 5th in Santo Domingo where we will have our first clinic before we head out on Sunday, March 6th for the Samana Area of the Dominican Republic where we will spend the rest of the week.

We welcome the following as Humanitarian Travelers....
Dr. Roy and Glenda Hammond
David Lee Shumway
Kaden Shumway
Keilani Needham
Graham Anderson
Al Long
Erin Zito
Emily Jeskie
Dr. Dan Humiston
Elliot Humiston
Peggy Dercole
Sherry Fucci
Rob Fucci
Larissa Pace
Dr. Paul LaRoche
Charlotte LaRoche
Dr. Ron Massie
Cindy Massie
Siegrid Massie
Aiyana Massie
Suzanne Cheatham
Haley Schildknecht
Nikki Jo Peed
Dr. Michele Yamada
Tiffany Fenderson
Geoffrey Shimotsu
Steven Cook
Amber Herschleg
Dr. Joe Harris
Marcene Harris
Shalayne Wyatt
Sandra Leedy
Dave Leedy
Andrew Henderson
and your blogger... Greg Anderson

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