Friday, March 4, 2011


IT'S DAY 1 of the Crown Council and Smiles for Life 14th Humanitarian Trip to the Dominican. Our group started arriving in Santo Domingo this morning at 11:00am and have arrived throughout the say. We'd only waiting for Dr. Dan and Elliot Humiston who arrive late tonight!

I thought you might like to see all of the smiling faces!

David Shuway, Kaden Shumway and Keilani Needham

Dr. Roy and Glenda Hammond with Dr. Patricia Diaz (our host from Esperanza) and Greg Anderson

Graham Anderson, Al Long, Emily Jeskie and Erin Zito

Dr.Ron and Cindy Massie and Siegrid Massie, Alyana Massie, Suzanne Cheatham, Haley Schildknecht and Nikki Joe Peed

Dr. Michele Yamada with Tiffany Fenderson, Geoffrey Shimotsu, Steve Cook and Meghan Watson

From Dr. Levy's office....Peggy Dercole, Sherry Fucci, Rob Fucci and Larissa Pace!

Dr. Paul and Charlotte LaRoche

The Henderson's. Utah Valley Dental Lab is well represented here and has been for most of the week helping Roy do some work at the Dental School!

The Harris Team - Dr. Joe, and Marcene harris, Shalayne Wyatt, Sandra Leedy and Dave Leedy!

This is the Hotel Europa --- our Home for the next two days. It's in the Heart of Santo Domingo Old Town.

As always our friends at Esperanza provide an enthusiastic greeting at the airport!'s 85 degrees and sunny!

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