Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 4...Treenas

We left our very comfortable hotel early this morning for the city of Treenas and the community of La Ceaiba. It's about a 2 hour drive through the hills of Samana.

We arrived to an enthusiastic community where we we able to serve 122 patients with over 320 different procedures.

Of course everything must be sterile...and today it was Graham and Emily doing that for the doctors

And today we feature most of the doctors:
Dr Patricia Diaz weathering a little of the rain. She is the dental director at Esperanza
Dr.Paul LaRoche and Charlotte
Dr. Dan Humiston and son Elliott
Dr. Michelle Yamada
Dr. Joe Harris with wife Marcene and Sandra Leedy with two grateful patients
Dr. Roy and Glenda Hammond with patient Jose

And we are most grateful to have three dental students working with us from the dental school

We were all cleaned up by 6:30 and headed back on our 2 hour drive to the hotel with enough time to get some rest and head out again tomorrow...

All healthy.
All more grateful.

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