Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 2

Today we served in a little town called Los Casaves in
North Santo Domingo. The first day is always the hardest
and takes a while to get everyone used to everything. Our group
jumped right in and we were set up and running long before
we thought we would be. It was so special to see the strong
teamwork from the first minute we walked into the school we
were at until the last table and garbage bag was taken out at the
end. It was fantastic! In the end we were able to help
104 patients. We did cleanings, fillings, extractions, a
few root canals, and some bridges. It was a great day.

Our morning huddle. The word of the day was FRIENDSHIP
Angel, Josie, and Ellie
Glenda Hammond
Melanie, Tyler, and Tayva getting ready for their
first patient
Sandi and Allison working their tails off. They never stopped.
It was so impressive to see their hardwork.

Jocelyn also was amazing and helped so many
Dr. Maria, Brett, and Tayva
Pam cleaning teeth. Also making people smile as usual
Juston and I during the hour long thunderstorm after lunch
The Culture club working their magic to keep everyone happy

Aren't these faces adorable?
Juston playing ball with the boys
Rosa and Austin with the kids
Justin comforting this little guy who was getting
extractions. His little tears are streaming down his face but
he was brave and got through it.

And lastly, Josie and her new little friend who she sat with
while she got an extraction and was scared to death. Josie held her
hand through the whole thing and it was honestly the sweetest thing
you have ever seen. Her dad is in the picture as well.

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