Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 3

Today was a great day. It was our travel day.
We started yesterday in Santo Domingo and are working
the next four days starting tomorrow in Puerta Plata which is
five hours North of where we are. It is actually a really perfect day
to have a break. The first day is always a little overwhelming
and a lot to take in. It is nice for everyone to process
what we will be doing and to get themselves in the
mindset of the next four days so they can go hard and give
it all they have got. We had a few extra hours this morning for
anyone who was interested to attend their church of worship.
The picture below is of the Mormon Temple where a group of us
went to visit after service.

Then we headed to Puerta Plata with a stop at Boca Marina
Restaurant for a wondeful lunch. Boca Marina is a beautiful
restaurant right on the pier with gorgeous clear blue water and
great food.

Justin and Jocelyn at the restaurant
Roy Hammond, Our Chief, convinced myself and my husband to go
with him for a water weiner ride while waiting for our lunch.
It was a blast!

A picture of everyone in the bus at the end of the five hour

When we arrived at our hotel Barcelo Premium we met with everyone
before dinner to meet the Dominican Hygienists and Dominican Dentists
that will be working with us all week.

Then Marisa and Shane, from our
Esperanza group gave us the whole background of Esperanza and what
they do and who they are. They talked about the Microfinancing they
do for the little towns we do dentistry for. It was nice to hear how these
people have been able to take control of their lives and make themselves
self sufficient. After the presentation everyone was hungry and ready
for bed. Can't wait to get to our first clinic in Puerta Plata tomorrow.
Wish us luck! :)

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