Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 7

Today was our last day working at a clinic and I can say we definitely
ended with a bang. We served in a little town at a chicken farm
in the city of Santiago. We saw 80 patients and finished strong. It was
another hot day but we made sure we were under some trees and
had a little breeze. There were chickens walking around us all day and
the owner of the house had a parakeet that was squawking all day
long. Once we were done we were all exhausted. After five days of
setting up, working all day long, taking down, going to bed and starting over
the next day it can really take its toll. But like I have mentioned over
and over again, no one ever complained. In fact Conner Henderson
mentioned in his thought for the day that he had only heard one person
complain the whole week and that was Austin the day he had the
stomach flu and was throwing up. He was complaining that he
felt so useless that he couldn't help. So the only person complaining
was doing it because he wanted to work. I thought that was pretty
awesome. After we finished up we headed to our new hotel to check
in for a day of relaxing and reflecting. The hotel is extremely nice and
will be a great way to end the trip. Great job to the group!!!!!

Tina rocking it at the Hygiene table

Junior and Tony. They drove the bus and helped set up and
take down everything throughout the week. We LOVE them!

This is Austin. He came last year with his school class and
had such an amazing life changing experience that he got a tattoo
when he got home to remember this special experience. We
thought it was so awesome that a week long trip doing what
we did had so much impact on someone. It says 1,2,3 equipo which
is what we say every morning before starting the day. Equipo means Team.

Brett cleaning his own teeth. haha

We LOVE Dr. Patricia

Roy doing some amazing cases. He really changed some
peoples lives today with the smiles he fixed.


Angel putting Smiles for Life tattoo on a little girl

The most adorable kid of the trip. No one could stop holding him
and kissing him. He was sooo beautiful.

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