Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 6

Another great day in the Dominican! Today went smoothly and
everyone worked so hard to see the 87 patients that were there.
It's interesting to see how many problems there are with the people
in Puerta Plata. The cleanings are extensive and they all have
a lot of work that needs to be done. I spoke with a hygienist who
mentioned that more than half of them have root tip problems
because they had pulled out their own tooth and pieces were left.
Can you imagine pulling out your own tooth because of the pain?
The town we were in was really poor and the people were
so fun and kind and gracious. It was also REALLY hot
but thank heavens for the fans. They save us. :)

Our work site.

Tony, Julian, and Jonathan. A few of the guys who help us with
anything we need.

Morning Huddle. Pam gave a beautiful thought on Gratitude.

The Horton Team who is always laughing and they all work
so incredible hard.

Dr. Hoyal has been amazing on this trip. I love this picture

Christa playing with the kids
2 little girls watching the action taking place inside

Sterlization Crew. Christa and Monique
Dr. Maria and Coleman. A great team!

Dr. Koby working her magic on extractions as usual.

I love this picture. This man was so sweet.

Shane at our check out station. He is working with Esperanza
for about six months and says he wants to come back on every trip
we ever do. He has had such a good time and has helped so much.

I had just painted this little girls nails and she walked around
showing everyone who would look. It was adorable.
Then after the day of work we had a little program hosted by
Roy and Glenda Hammond. This picture is of the Dominican Dentists
and Hygienists that came on the trip. We have all really bonded with them.
They are such hard workers and so fun to be around. We also gave out other
awards and then sang a few songs that are the Hammond family favorites to
end the night. We are excited for our day tomorrow and will work
hard because its our last day. We are tired but our spirits are up and we
all feel incredibly blessed to be a part of this journey.

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