Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hotel Europa where we are staying is right in the heart of the Colonial District in Santo Domingo. We arrived early enough today to be able to walk through the center of the District.

Our Dominican Partners come from Esperanza International. Tonight Dr. Patricia Diaz (the Dental Director of Esperanza in the Dominican Republic and pictured left) congratulated Smiles for Life and the Crown Council (with Dr. Roy Hammond as our leader) on the completion of five years of service and 16 Humanitarian Trips. She is joined by Marisa (Center) and Patty (Right) who help lead the Esperanza effort in the Dominican Republic

We enjoyed getting acquainted at the Welcome Dinner at the Atarazana Restuaurant with our group of 49. The restaurant is just around the corner from the Hotel Europa where we will be staying for the next two night.

Three of our doctors (Hammond, McRae and Jorgensen) have made this Humanitarian Trip a family experience. Picture here is Dr. Chris and Ali Hammond and their boys Austin and Zack.

We look forward to our first day of service tomorrow (Saturday)

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