Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Clinical Day-Los Alcarrizos

Saturday---and our first Clinical Day!

Another of our family teams here this trip...Dr. Michele and Steve Jorgensen and their two boys from the roof top of the Hotel Europa after breakfast this morning (7:00am)
Our hotel is right across the street from the oldest cathedral in North in the 1500's

Today when we arrived in Los Alcarrizos it quickly became apparent that the bus would not deliver us to our working front door. We walked to our site this morning which was a neighborhood school.

First thing after we arrived and before we began our session with a prayer from the community pastor, we heard from one of the Esperanza Associates who explained how she made her living buying and selling new clothes and how her loan from Esperanza had changed her life and the life of her children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately there is always a little "hurry up and wait". This wonderful community was ready for us when we arrived...but then (as is always the case) had to wait their turn to see the dentist. Even with 8 dentists working hard today everyone the patients had to be patient.

At our noon break, Hannah Ellis (daughter of Dr. Chad and Lynette Ellis) broke out her guitar and allowed everyone to sing along. Nice work Hannah!

No Humanitarian Trip could function with the women who keep every instrument sparkling!

Crown Council Member Dr. Gary Halm has created a new dental light system. He contributed seven of these new systems for us to test and use on this trip. You can see it bright and shinning in this photo of Dr. Michele Jorgensen.

The Children of the Dominican!

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