Monday, September 3, 2012


Today was our second clinic day. We drove two hours on our bus to Batey Campo Nuevo. The last 30 minutes were on dirt roads through sugar cane fields. The Batey has around 600 people 40 of which are Esperanza associates. The families live in very small houses with no running water or electricity.  They also have 2-3 families living in each house. 

This morning dr. Chris Hoyal gave us an inspirational message about hope, gratitude and service. He shared how his trips to the DR have impacted his family in a life changing way. Over the last 5 years he has brought all of his children and grand children to the DR to participate. His message made me realize we will go home having received more than we will give. 

Our day was busy and we served 120 patients during our time there. One of the best things to see was the young people of our group, Madi and Dallen  Hoyal and Chase Hovden play with the children and give them red rubber balls. 

Near the end of the day we visited with Many of the children. I spoke with Elbin who is 14 years old. He spoke some English and we were able to share about our love for the Texas Rangers. 

Today was a true experience of poverty .  It was also a true look at the hope that Esperanza brings to these people. We heard the story of Lucia and Teresa.  They shared the success they've had with the micro finance loans and how they are helping their families. You could see the pride on their faces!

We are hot and tired but incredibly fulfilled. As Dr. Hoyal said we are building relationships through hope, gratitude and service. 

The hygienists were the superstars today. They worked under tents outside. They battled sun, wind , heat and rain. They were always smiling and always Happy to do it! What an awesome and inspiring group of ladies. They were joined by 3 students from La Use University who will be graduating in February. 

This is the School where we worked today

Dr. Hoyal and his grandson Dallen!

This is why we do what we do!

Elbin is on the left. He's the Texas rangers fan. He's from Haiti. He's wearing his school uniform

This is Lajuna---She's 115 years old and delighted to get some dental help today!

Tanya (our Blogger) and a new friend

Each trip the top two dental students come with us. This is a big honor for them and they are all working hard for this privilege. Angie is a 4 year dental student and will graduate in February. It was an honor for us to work with her and dr. Hector. 

Jordynn green - married to Glenda Hammond's grandson Jake

Dr. Todd and his wife Julie

Stephanie --- keeping Hygiene working and organized

Well.....what have we here???  --- or Should we say Who???

Happiness?  or Anticipation?

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