Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday, September 3rd

SUNDAY, September 3rd

It's Sunday and we're resting after our first Clinic Day.   We drove together To Boca Marina where we had a terrific lunch and met our five Dominican Dental Students.  These students compete all year and the top five students "win" the opportunity to participate in our Smiles for Life Humanitarian Expedition. 

Hector and Francisca are 4th year (graduating) dental students and Elizet, Michelle, and Estsfania are Hygiene students.

Today we travel to our next destination and up and get ready for our clinic on Monday.  The Clinic will be about a two-hour bus ride from our hotel which means that it will be VERY remote.

We're looking forward to a great week together.

Mike and Tanya Bailey

And...we're on the bus on our way!!


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