Wednesday, September 5, 2012



Today was another awesome day. We went into a mountainous area. The community was called Las Maravillas, in el Sebio. Most of the people work as farmers growing mostly cocoa and also raise livestock. There are 15 associates of Esperanza here. We met Wilfredo who owns a store (la bodega) across the dirt road from the church where we were working. He was very proud and happy to share his success with us. 

One of the things we noticed right away was how tidy and clean this area was. The people take pride in their surroundings and make sure to keep everything very clean. 

We worked in a church today and this was the first place that had electricity. The ceiling fans were a huge blessing!

Teresa Larsen shared an inspirational message today and reminded us of the story in the New Testament of feeding thousands with 5 loaves of bread a two fish. This is how she sees our work in the DR. 

We saw so many patients who were joyful and it was such a joy to take care of them. Lindsay played kick ball with the kids and they didn't want to let her leave. 

Tonight we have a session with Esperanza on micro finance and tomorrow we have our final clinic day. We are also looking forward to touring the dental school. 

Stephanie - hygiene

Lisa -hygienist

Mike Larsen and Chris Hoyal

Marisa and Andrew - both work for Esperanza


Dr. Jim placing sutures in Nicole's eye lid

The Hoyals -Chris, Jim, and Madi

or many....

Dr. Jim Hoyal isn't a dentist (although he did some fillings and extractions). He is a physician. This young lady was bitten or scratched by a dog yesterday and her eyelid was split open. Dr. Jim was able to suture her lid back together possibly preventing a lifetime of vision problems. One of the things I've noticed with this team of eagles is everyone just jumps in to do what needs to be done without question. I am proud to be affiliated with Crown Council. 

John and John Powers (father and son)

Store that Wilfredo owns with his wife

Mijo playing kickball with Lindsay

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