Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 4

Day 4 begins early Monday morning for the Crown Council Humanitarian Team. They drove 90 minutes to the small village of Guerrero east of San Pedro. Most of the people who live in Guerrero are Haitian, and have no official status in the Dominican Republic and therefore no jobs, little food, no education, and certainly no health or dental care. Our partners at Esperanza and the Bank of Hope are providing small micro finance loans that have changed lives among these people.
Arriving at The Guerrero Village
Morning huddle begins...
Here is the team right after morning huddle and just before the day begins

The Crown Council ladies of hygiene
6 doctors, 3 dental students, 8 hygienists, 12 dental assistants, 127 patients in 8 hours

The women keeping all the dental tools sterile
First portable x-ray machine in the field with Nomad Aribex tied to laptop running dentrix
No shortage of patients late in the day
Last patient of the day
As our team left Guerrero here Dr Clint Blackwood and his team - ready...willing... and very able (Dr Blackwood completed 47 extractions today)

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