Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 2- San Pelipe el Aimendro

Day 2-
It was about an hour bus ride to the city of Santo Domingo Norte, San Felipe el Aimendro to the Parroquial el Almendro (school) . We were greeted by 200 enthusiastic patients provided by both the school and our friends at Esperanza International....

As you can see here from Graham and Andrew....we saw 101 patients through hygiene and 47 more had procedures completed by our doctors (some of the procedures were of which you will see in a minute....

Actually, the day started with a morning inspirational thought by Dr. Roy Hammond (far right) and a great story of one of the Bank of Hope borrowers who told the story of her clothing business.

No day would be complete without showing you the beautiful children of the Dominican....

And another....who would think there could be any decay here!!!

Miracles happened here...This was a patient of Dr. Michele Yamada (San Diego) BEFORE

and the amazing transformation.....AFTER

After a terrific days work we had dinner together and celebrated Al Long's 24th Birthday. We found the cake but I can tell you they have AMAZING candles here in the Dominican Republic. What you can't see is Al trying to blow the candles out!

Tomorrow morning (Day 3) we will head to church early in the morning and then to lunch. After lunch we will drive about 3 hours to the State and City of Samana!

We're tired
We're happy
We're greatly blessed

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  1. This was an amazing trip with the most dedicated, compassionate, and hard working dentists, assistants, hygienists,helpers, students ever. It was incredible to see the changes and transformations that occurred in such little time. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of this wonderful group.