Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 4

Our team earns a big applause today! They were amazing
and despite our circumstances came through and worked their
tails off. We experienced the hottest day yet in our Dominican Smiles
for Life trips. It was excruciating. We were all outside underneath
tents. There was nowhere else to go. We later found out that tarp white tents
attract heat. So not only was the weather as hot as it gets, but the tents were
attracting more heat and there was no breeze. It was definitely a struggle for
all. We even had two Dominican patients faint. Not because of pain or being
worked on but because of the heat. But despite all of that there was no
complaining for a second. Everyones spirits were high and like I mentioned
before, they worked so hard. Teamwork is very strong with this group.
Not only do people work so well together but everyone is always laughing
and making things so much fun. It really is a special thing to see. We finally
had to finish about a half hour early because we were worried about our group
and wanted them to be in their best shape for the next three days.
I am so proud of everyone for all that was accomplished.

Our set up for the day. Hygiene, Dentists, Sterilization, and Check out

Our morning huddle.
Dr. Charlie gave us a very inspiring morning message about serving
and how when doing it you love the people you are serving and how
you love the people you are serving with. He has been on this trip
four years now and his experiences here have really touched his life.

Dr. Amy and Alissia rocking it in style.
Dr. Jonathon and Juston working on Frankie who was so
brave and little. He had two extractions and wasn't scared
a bit.

Pam and her new little boyfriend Manuel

Dr. Chris and his team and one of their patients. Dr. Hoyal was a
champ today. Not only did he work on patients all day
but he was helping the Dominican Dentists and taught
one of them some great new techniques and was so
patient and kind with them.
Our Sterilzation team. (Josie had to stand on a chair. :))

Our favorite Dr. Patricia
Rosa and her good way of keeping herself cool
My new friend Anna. She was so adorable and spoke perfect
English. She brought all her grandchildren to get their teeth
worked on. She was so sweet.
I love this picture because it is an older Dominican Dental Student
working on her patient and she called over two younger Dominican
Dental Students to teach them something about what she was doing.
How neat to see them learning and teaching as well.
Wish us luck tomorrow.... We are all praying for rain. :)

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  1. So fantastico to see all of you! Hola to you Annie, Juston, Dr Roy, Glenda, Pamelama, all the Schneiders, Dr. Patrice, Juanaton, and of course Austino! You all look healthy, happy and contagiously helpful! You are all so awesome to be there, giving of your busy lives to help those in need. I can't believe it's been a year! Oh by the way...Happy Anniversary of your engagement :)
    I hope the weather cooperates and stay hydrated! Hugs to all and I'm mentally throwing water on you all to keep you cool!
    Amor y abrazos,