Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 5

Today was such a wonderful day! After yesterday we needed a
good weather day and we got it! We weren't able to get to the little
town we were going to in the bus so we had to board a safari jeep
and drive in that way. It was such a unique experience to drive
through these dirt roads that were so small and so rough. The
town we went to is so far back in the mountains. When it rains they get
trapped in their village so it can be really scary. The mountains
made the air feel a lot cooler and we made sure to set up in the shade.
It felt wonderful compared to yesterday. Everyone worked so hard
and we were able to see 90 patients. It was hard work though because
the teeth were so dirty and there were so many problems. We will be
coming back in November in the next Smiles for Life trip
to help the rest of the people we didn't get to.

This picture below is our Safari vehicle. What a new experience
Our set up for the day
The gorgeous view from where we worked

Could that face be any sweeter?

Roy helping one of the Dental Students Mayerling work on a

Jocelyn and her patient

Pam cleaned this guys teeth and Roy fixed them. This is before
This is the finished product. He was so annoyed because everyone had
been taking his picture and when I finally got to him he had
had it. :)

I love this picture of Lindsay. She had two little girls that were twins
that were her little assistants throughout the day. This little
girl is helping put flouride on her moms teeth. So cute

The famous Dr. Horton Team

We were majorly packed in tight on the way home in the big
safari truck. This is us after we had finished the day
And this is one of the little twins that ran after us. She was missing
her new friends.
Sidenote: Not only do we work hard in the Dominican Republic but
we have a lot of fun. This is a video of something really funny we
witnessed this morning between our dearest friend Tony who has driven the
bus for us for years and Juston. Who knew that Juston knew how to lasso and
Tony was so funny. This all happened so fast
and sporatic that I was glad i had my camera out.
Click here to watch

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