Wednesday, October 24, 2012

November 2nd-Nov.10th, 2012

On Friday, Nov. 2nd,  the Crown Council begins the 19th Smiles for Life Humanitarian Expedition to the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.  This great group of 40 includes 7 Crown Council doctors and a support team of 33. 
I, Erin Zito, will be your blogger for the trip and represent the 
Crown Council/Smiles for Life office along with my sister Amy and friend Nicole that will be helping with pictures, video and anything else that is needed.  

Here is the list of our humanitarian travelers. We want to recognize Dr. Dale Schisler and team, Dr. Dale Behner and Lynn Behner, Dr. Rick Hagstrom, and the Gerstner family who have been on several trips with us and are always a delight! As always, Dr. Roy Hammond will be leading us on this expedition with his wife Glenda, 6 family members and some friends. We are always appreciative to them for their service and leadership. We look forward to working with all of our travelers and also our dear friends from Esperanza in the D.R. 

Our humanitarian travelers are:

Dr. Roy Hammond--Provo, UT
Glenda Hammond
Amy Gerstner
Cannon Gerstner
Sophie Gerstner
Abby Gerstner
Missy Church
Brenly Church
Alyson Freedman
Catie Freedman
Thomas Freedman
Erin Zito
Amy Zito
Nicole Anderson
Dr. Dale Behner--Fishers, IN
Lynn Behner
Tadd Behner
Dr. Ed White--Elizabethtown, PA
Angela Pryor
Lacy Bryan
Nancy Sweigart
Kristin J. Halterman
Tara Wickman
Susan Burkholder
Gretchen Bruso
Dr. Greg Mann--Durango, CO
Lanae Mann
Kanyon Mann
Afton Mann
Dr. Dale Schisler--Oakville, Ontario  CANADA
Margaret Schisler
Jennifer Donald
Bonnie Kotsopoulos
Anni Banfield
Teresa Williams
Sandra Hughes
Dr. Rick (Ricardo) Hagstrom--La Mesa, CA
Skye Hagstrom
Carlie Lentz
Dr. Bill Myers--Warsaw, IN

Here is map of more or less where we will be working and staying. We hope you will join us here each day as we document our 9-day journey. Until then! 

"Help thy brothers' boat across the sea, and lo, thine own has reached the shore."  -Hindu proverb

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